Kiwipex 2006 NEWSLETTER  3.

   - November 2003

3 years to go!

Firstly, thanks to those who supported Kiwipex 2006 by purchasing souvenirs and/or a supporting membership as a result of our 2nd newsletter. Unfortunately, and despite the best of this writer’s intentions a couple of typo errors crept in - these had been removed in the final draft of the newsletter, but the newsletter was printed from the penultimate draft copy.  Hmm!

The first error was reference to our initial newsletter - this was published in November 2002 and not in 2001 as stated. Secondly - the 1906 Christchurch Exhibition was opened by the then Governor of New Zealand, and not the Governor General as claimed. Today New Zealand has a Governor General, but a hundred years ago only had a Governor! Hopefully, this newsletter will be error free - but to err is human!

The following persons were elected to continue organising Kiwipex 2006, at our AGM held in July: -

  Chairman - David Smitham 

  Secretary - Karen Jeffrey

  Treasurer - Graham Muir (& vice Chairman)

  Chairman of the Jury - Bruce Alexandre

  NZPF co-ordinator - Sue McIntosh

  NZSDA co-ordinator - Paul Wales

  NZ Post co-ordinator - Terry McQuinn

  Souvenir order despatcher - Fred Saunders

Since our June 2003 newsletter was circulated, and thanks to Julie Battersby for her assistance, Kiwipex 2006 was successful in its application to the Christchurch City Council for promotional funding, to the tune of $2,500.

This very welcome sum has helped cover the promotional costs involved with the printing and distribution of our first two newsletters.


Fundraising & Souvenirs

In case readers have not yet guessed, Kiwipex 2006 is still fundraising, our current aim being to raise the $30,000 required for the venue hire - the Christchurch Convention Centre.

As expected, our publicity cinderellas on cover with 40 green kiwi stamps soon sold out. We apologise to those who ordered these and were unable to be supplied. Refunds were made, or alternatively credit card orders were not charged for these once we had sold out.

As expected our Lord of the Rings miniature sheets proved to be very popular, and by mid July had sold out also!

Surprisingly, at the end of June 2003 New Zealand Post withdrew from sale stocks of greetings stamps. The Kiwipex 2006 greetings stamps detailed in our 2nd newsletter were not affected. A decision was made not to proceed with any additional reprint; thus what few customised greetings stamps Kiwipex 2006 has will suffice until our stocks are exhausted.At the time of preparing this newsletter Kiwipex 2006 had received publicity in at least three overseas stamp magazines, and of those two were nearly full-page publicity spreads. Goodness knows how much those spaces would have cost had we taken out advertisements of those sizes! Other European and North American stamp magazines have been contacted and all publicity augurs well for Kiwipex 2006, visitors and our fundraising for November 2006. Our 2nd newsletter brought Kiwipex 2006 another $5600+ of income to help finance this exhibition. This was about the same as our 1st newsletter’s response once income from supporting membership monies had been deducted.

Currently, Kiwipex 2006 has 165 supporting members to whom we owe our sincere gratitude for your support. As a token of our thanks, supporting members should receive with this letter a small gift from Kiwipex 2006.

Thanks go to New Zealand Post for their assistance as well as to various societies for their help with publicising Kiwipex 2006.


Previous Souvenir Details

We owe some readers our apologies for our inability to promptly supply their ordered Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheets. This occurred because of production difficulties. A perforating head broke during the perforating of our sheets. Suffice it to say that all orders have been supplied even though it meant a double mail out to rectify the situation. We are sorry for the delay but all orders for our Antarctic souvenir sheets were filled by early August.

For the record, Wyatt & Wilson Ltd., of Christchurch, printed our Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheets. 124 first day covers were produced of the first two Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheets, of which a limited number remain available. Details of the scenes shown etc., on our two issued Antarctic souvenir sheets are as follows:

Kiwipex Antarctic souvenir sheet number 1

featured a Cessna & DC3 at the South Pole. This early 2000 view shows the Antarctic Air Cessna C-GGSA piloted by Mort Vedt, and the turbo-prop ski equipped Basler BT-67 (previously a DC3) of World Air Logistics which was under charter to Adventure Network International at the South Pole. Photo by Scott F. Smith of Raytheon Polar Services.

USCG "Polar Sea" in the Ross Sea. The United States Coast Guard Cutter "Polar Sea" takes a closer look at the giant iceberg B-15A on the edge of McMurdo Sound. Photo taken 29 January 2001 by Josh Landis of the US National Science Foundation.

"Akademik Shokalskiy" in the Ross Sea. Tourists from the "Akademik Shokalskiy" using the vessel’s all terrain multi-tracked vehicle towing a raft on skis to go ashore at Cape Hallett during February 2001. Photo supplied by Rodney Russ of Heritage Expeditions

Beaufort Island in the Ross Sea. This island located in the Ross Sea is just North of Ross Island. Photo taken by Josh Landis of the US National Science Foundation in 1999.

Kiwipex Antarctic souvenir sheet number 2

featured a Russian Antonov 3 at the South Pole. On 8 January 2002 this aircraft arrived at the South Pole to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the first Soviet Antarctic flight. The expedition leader was Dr Artur N. Chilingarov, deputy leader of the Russian State Duma and a hero of the Soviet Union. Photo by Scott F. Smith, Raytheon Polar Services.

The "Nathaniel B. Palmer" in the Ross Sea. American Research icebreaker operated by Raytheon Polar Services in front of Ross Ice Shelf, Ross Sea.

The "Akademik Shokalskiy". The Christchurch based company Heritage Expedition’s chartered vessel off Cape Hallet, Antarctica in February 2001. Photo supplied by Rodney Russ of Heritage Expeditions.

The Cape Evans Hut. Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s hut at Cape Evans. Photo taken in 2000 by Josh Landis of the US National Science Foundation.

The background design of both sheets is a Ross Sea Pancake Ice landscape. Photo taken by Pieter Kampstra, Captain of "Archangelgracht" during Antarctic supply trip to McMurdo in February 2001.

Thanks to Steven McLachlan for the above information.


New Souvenirs

1 New Kiwipex 2006 personalised stamps.

In mid 2003 Norfolk Post produced 3000 scenic sheets, which were intended to be personalised by visitors to the island. Thanks to Norfolk Post (New Zealand’s closest neighbouring postal administration) we are proud to announce the very first overseas Kiwipex 2006 stamps!

Each sheet comprises five rows of 4 different attractive scenic stamps each with an adjacent blank tab. It is believed that Kiwipex 2006 is the first overseas national stamp exhibition to arrange with Norfolk Post for personalised stamps – each tab bears our Kiwipex 2006 logo!

We know just how popular our New Zealand Kiwipex personalised greetings stamps were (see newsletter # 2 for the juicy details about errors etc!) and hope that these will also be eagerly sought after by our readers. A limited number of Norfolk Island Kiwipex 2006 personalised scenic sheets were ordered, and only a few Norfolk Island Kiwipex 2006 personalised scenic first day cover sets were prepared.

Early ordering is advised. It is suspected that once the news about these sheets reaches Australia (where personalised stamps are eagerly collected) they may not be available for very long!


2  Postally valid Antarctic sheetlets.  

A celestial event occurred across parts of Antarctica during November 2003,  viz. a total solar eclipse.

Think about this for a moment: for 6 months of the year Antarctica has no daylight, and then in November 2003 there was a total solar eclipse! The Sun God must be displeased!

However, in the Ross Dependency - New Zealand’s part of Antarctica - there was only a partial solar eclipse. As Christchurch is the international gateway to Antarctica, and also as Kiwipex 2006 is being held in Christchurch, it was felt that this celestial event should be commemorated.

To mark this unusual event, Kiwipex 2006 prepared a solar eclipse cachet for first day covers of Antarctic souvenir sheets 3 and 4 (and was used to cancel these souvenir sheets). Each also bore a 40 Ross Dependency stamp tying the souvenir sheet to the cover.

Kiwipex 2006 is also pleased to announce the production of two different postally valid Ross Dependency sheetlets.

Each features a single 5 or a 20 Ross Dependency definitive stamp with various Kiwipex 2006 texts in the upper and lower selvedges. Canpex 2000 undertook a similar, highly successful, fund raising venture.

 Ross 2003 Eclipse.JPG (37996 bytes)

Owing to a different printer being used this time (New Century Press of Christchurch), each complete sheet of Ross Dependency stamps resulted in 16 Kiwipex 2006 sheetlets produced. The destruction of eight stamps was necessary to produce one sheetlet!

Kiwipexnorfolkms.jpg (134547 bytes)

The Norfolk Island Personalised "Kiwipex 2006" sheet. - See above for details

Ross 2003 Morning.JPG (36957 bytes)

Mint, used and first day covers of the postally valid Kiwipex 2006 Ross Dependency sheetlets are available. See order form for details.

Credit card payments are welcomed for Kiwipex 2006 souvenirs, and will result in a Stirling & Co charge appearing on your statement.

Please allow 28 days for delivery of all orders, as several members of the Kiwipex 2006 organising committee are involved with processing orders. Thank you for your patience. 

The King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge

Since our last newsletter we are pleased to welcome John Kilpatrick as our 21st and newest challenger with Sierra Leone. Existing challengers have already taken the following colonies:

Barbados - Pat Capill

British Guiana -
Dingle Smith

Ceylon -
Gary Watson

Channel Islands -
Joyce Boyer

Falkland Islands -
Kim & Kevin Dwyer

Fiji -
Ian McMahon

Hong Kong -
John Fitzpatrick

Jamaica -
Bruce Marshall

Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika -
Sue Vernall

Malta -
Paul Barsdell

Niue -
Bernie Beston

Nyasaland -
Ross Wood

Palestine -
Estelle Rothschild

St. Helena -
Ann & Trevor Bevan

Samoa -
John Watts

Sarawak -
Robert Duns

Sierra Leone -
John Kilpatrick

Solomon Islands -
David Holmes

Southern Rhodesia -
Robert Livingston

Straits Settlements -
Erica Genge

Trinidad & Tobago -
Jenny & Norman Banfield

There are still a number of colonies available for this challenge, e.g. Aden, Ascension, Bahamas, Cyprus, Gibraltar … Do any of these colonies interest you?

Should any reader be interested in participating and/or learning more about this event please contact Bruce Marshall - the challenge’s overseer - at PO Box 3212, HBMC, Napier, New Zealand, or via e-mail:

Kiwipex 2006 already has had a few enquiries from other interested collectors re entering!  We hope to release our prospectus in 2005 and as entries will not close until mid 2006, do not panic - yet!   Incidentally, copies of the NZPF approved regulations (which will apply at Kiwipex 2006) available for $5.00 per national exhibition class. They are available from our secretary.


There were items and events which led to much controversy around the successful running of the Christchurch Exhibition, and at all times, Mr Munro, the general manager of the exhibition wanted to keep a firm hand on all proceedings, cf.

The Arm and Ankle Show

The position in regard to Wonderland’s arm and ankle show, as it might be called, is a rather curious one at present. Various people have objected to Wonderland’s advertised intention to make a public display of these features of feminine loveliness. Mr G. S. Munro, general manager of the Exhibition, notified Mr A. L. Baird, manager of Wonderland, that no authority had been given him to hold a "beauty show", and that his advertisement of such must be withdrawn until permission was obtained. Mr Baird replies that the term beauty show merely referred to the offer of a prize for the prettiest girl in Christchurch, and "in deference to Mr. Munro" he has abandoned this attraction of the programme.

The arm and ankle exhibitions, he affirms, are included in physical development competitions, which were duly authorised by Mr. Munro, and these will accordingly be held, a screen being used to conceal the identity of the competitors.

In answer to these statements, Mr. Munro expressed himself to one of our representatives this morning, as follows: - "When I gave permission to Wonderland to hold physical development competitions, I thought I knew what such competitions meant. I find now that, if Mr Baird’s interpretation of the term is right, I did not know what they meant.

I thought the competitions would consist of chest expansion, weight lifting and similar displays, and I am quite willing to admit that I did not think they would include an exhibition of ladies’ ankles and shoulders.

As regards to a beauty show, I was never asked for permission to hold that, and if I had been asked, I must confess, I should have had to ask the Wonderland people to describe exactly what they meant by such a term, and it would have depended on their description whether I accorded or withheld permission. I thought I knew what a physical development competition was, but I admit that I would not have known what was meant exactly by a beauty show.

I did not notice Wonderland’s advertisement particularly when it was first inserted, but immediately it was brought under my notice I informed the manager of Wonderland that no permission had been given to hold a beauty show, and that till permission was received the advertisement must be withdrawn.

I should have no objection to a prize being given to the prettiest girl in Christchurch, provided that the proposal was duly sanctioned first. Though I have given permission for the holding of physical development competitions, I still reserve to myself the right to see that they are carried out in a proper manner, and if I take exception to any feature it will have to be stopped at once. I have had several times to pull Wonderland up through taking the bit in their teeth and running away with rights and concessions which were never applied for and never granted to them" (Ref. 1).

How times have changed in the intervening years!

Our next newsletter hopefully will carry more interesting information about the 1906/07 Christchurch Exhibition; so keep watching your letter box – and of course ladies’ arms and ankles!

References used: 1 Christchurch Press 20 March 1907


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