Kiwipex 2006 NEWSLETTER  2.

- June 2003

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all who supported Kiwipex 2006 by purchasing souvenirs, and/or taking out supporting membership, and/or joining the King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge as a result of our first newsletter - dated November 2002.

We currently have well over 140 supporting members (more than Canpex 2000 had after four years!), and we still have almost 3 years to wait before Kiwipex 2006 is staged! Readers can, if they wish, still become a Kiwipex 2006 supporting member for NZ$20.00.

As a token of our thanks, supporting members should receive with this newsletter a small gift from Kiwipex 2006.

Thanks to New Zealand Post for their help and to Steven McLachlan of the Shades Stamp Shop for help with our web page - So keep checking the Kiwipex 2006 site!

Fundraising & Souvenirs

Our first newsletter brought in almost NZ$8,000 (of our initial $106,000 Kiwipex 2006 budget), and it was extremely gratifying to see your orders arrive so promptly after our newsletter was despatched. Also, it was gratifying to hear and see such positive comments from many of you - thank you once again.

Our fundraising objective is now the $30,000 required for the venue (Christchurch Convention Centre) hire. To help achieve this figure Kiwipex 2006 once again offers a range of interesting souvenirs, but first we need to explain about our Kiwipex 2006 greetings stamps.

Perhaps our greatest surprise in issuing our 1st newsletter was the popularity of our Kiwipex 2006 Greetings stamps! So popular that we ran out of mint stamps and had to order not one, but three reprints!

Kiwipex 2006 initially placed an order with New Zealand Post for 100 sheets of 40c customised greetings stamps. Upon receipt a number were made into first day covers (100 sets of 5 single greetings stamps, and another 100 were made into first day covers with strips of five greetings stamps), 100 strips were cancelled leaving only 100 mint strips from the original printing for sale!

The Kiwipex 2006 greetings sheets differ from those offered by New Zealand Post with plain greetings tabs. Whilst this information has been recorded elsewhere (Captain Coqk, December 2002 issue) we are able to report that: the original Kiwipex 2006 greetings sheets were numbered 10001705_1/100  to  10001705_100/100 vertically along the right side of the sheet, unlike the unnumbered New Zealand Post sheets with plain greetings tabs.

Sheets numbered 1-24, and 100 were retained as mint. Those numbered 25-49 were cancelled; those numbered 70-94 were made in to set FDCs; whilst those numbered 50-69, and 95-99 were used to make strip FDCs. Sheets numbered 1 and 100 have been retained by Kiwipex 2006.

In late November 2002 a reprint was ordered -to enable orders for mint Kiwipex 2006 greetings stamps to be supplied. The (1st) reprint sheets were received in mid December and differed from the originals.

As only 50 (1st) reprint sheets were ordered, the printing number is shown _/50 instead of _/100. Also, there is a different printing order number (10001760_) on these (1st) reprint sheets. Reprint sheets numbered 1 and 50 have been retained by Kiwipex 2006.

Our Kiwipex 2006 logos on the (1st) reprint greetings tabs are slightly smaller than those on the originals (i.e. a slightly greater white margin exists on the reprint) -all this was without any contrivance on Kiwipex 2006's part!

a Owing to the popularity of these stamps, and with orders unable to be filled for mint strips/complete sheets it was obvious by late January 2003 that a further reprint would be needed, thus an additional order for 30 Kiwipex 2006 greetings sheets was placed with New Zealand Post in early February .The 2nd reprint sheets were received at the end of February (by then Kiwipex 2006 had no stock of mint greetings stamps left) -without any printing order number!

This error (acknowledged as such by New Zealand Post) was completely unintentional - Kiwipex 2006 had no knowledge of this error until the sheets were received. It is believed that this is the first time that New Zealand customised greetings stamps have been printed without any order number.

Whilst Kiwipex 2006 has no more mint strips, nor sheets available of the original printing, nor of the 1st reprint, Kiwipex 2006 does have some mint strips/complete sheets of the 2nd reprint (error printing) available, as well as used strips/sheets from the original printing.

Complete sheets of Kiwipex 2006 greetings stamps with a printing order number -from the 3rd reprint sheets are available! The 3rd reprint was ordered as a result of the receipt of the error sheets. These sheets bore the following printing order numbers: 55410001796001 (1 sheet) or 55410001796029 (29 sheets)!   Kiwipex 2006 has retained one sheet of each at present. Once again, this numbering error was unintentionally produced.

*********    New Souvenirs     ******

Our Kiwipex 2006 cinderella covers have also been popular. Whilst a mock up was shown on our initial newsletter most, but not all, covers bore a 40c (brown kiwi) stamp from the 1988 definitive series. All orders for the Kiwipex 2006 cinderella covers were supplied only with this stamp.

However, a limited number of perforate, and imperforate, Kiwipex 2006 cinderellas exist on covers with a 40c (green kiwi) stamp from the 1898 centenary issue. These were not offered earlier, because the covers had not been prepared at the time of producing the first newsletter. They are now offered on a first come first served basis

The Lord of the Rings films have proved to be enormous box office hits. New Zealand Post has the exclusive rights to issue stamps for each of the films and with the approval of New Zealand Post we acquired 1000 x 40 cent miniature sheets from the 1st series of The Lord of the Rings stamps to be overprinted to help raise funds for Kiwipex 2006. We expect these to be extremely popular and stress the importance of earlv ordering, as there are many more collectors of The Lord of the Rings memorabilia than there are collectors of New Zealand stamps!    (These are now (completely sold out- sorry).

rings1_gold2.jpg (31063 bytes)

rings1_silver2.jpg (31071 bytes)

Some of The Lord of the Rings miniature sheets were overprinted in silver, and some in gold ink. Mint and used are available as are first day covers, (see below) and once again we offer these souvenirs at a special price for one of each.

rings1_fdc_gold.jpg (78738 bytes)

These are also now sold out.


It is well known that Christchurch is the gateway to 'Antarctica - indeed the International Antarctic Centre sited only a few hundred metres form the city's airport is evidence of the importance of Antarctica to Christchurch.

Kiwipex 2006 is keen to offer its clients value for money, and has arranged for a series of Antarctic souvenir sheets to be printed by the Christchurch Stamp Printers -Wyatt & Wilson Ltd. Thanks to Steven McLachlan for the supply of the images, our souvenir sheets feature four different Antarctic scenes set against a background of pancake ice.

Each souvenir sheet contains 4 different scenes of Antarctica in a se-tenant block of four.  Each $1.25 cinderella features the Kiwipex 2006 logo, which is also depicted on the souvenir sheet's selvedge.

antarctic1.jpg (78667 bytes)

The first Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheet is shown above, and features (from upper left to lower right): -1 a Cessna and DC 3 at the South Pole; 2 the US Coast Guard Cutter Polar Sea in the Ross Sea; 3 Akademik Shokalskiy in the Ross Sea with a tourist party; and 4 an island at the entrance to the Ross Sea.

The four Antarctic scenes featured in our second souvenir sheet are shown below. They are: -1 a Russian Antonov-3 at the South Pole; 2 US research vessel Nathaniel B Palmer in the Ross Sea; 3 Akademik Shokalskiy tourist ship; and 4 the historic hut at Cape Evans.

antarctic2.jpg (84190 bytes)

These attractive Antarctic souvenir sheets are offered mint, used, or cancelled on first day cover with a 40c Ross Dependency stamp - tying the Antarctic souvenir sheet to the cover.  Our third and fourth Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheets will be offered and featured in a later newsletter.

On our souvenir order form where there are less than 100 items available this figure is indicated in brackets.

Please allow 28 days for delivery of all orders as several of the Kiwipex 2006 organizing committee are involved with processing orders.

The Kiwi Challenge

This is being overseen by Bruce Marshall, and The Kiwi Challenge’s full name is: The King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge. It is most gratifying to see the interest already shown in The Kiwi Challenge, and especially by the numbers of ladies who will be participating! The following challengers and colonies have been selected so far:-

  • Barbados             Pat Capill

  • Br. Guiana           Dingle Smith

  • Ceylon                 Gary Watson

  • Falkland Is.        Kim & Kevin Dwyer

  • Fiji                        Ian McMahon

  • Hong Kong       John Fitzpatrick

  • Jamaica           Bruce Marshall

  • K. U. T.                 Sue Vernall

  • Malta                  Paul Barsdell

  • Niue                    Bernie Beston

  • Palestine           Estelle Rothschild

  • St. Helena           Ann & Trevor Bevan

  • Samoa                 John Watts

  • Sarawak              Robert Duns

  • Solomon Is        David Holmes

  • Southern Rhodesia   Robert Livingston

  • Straits Settlements   Erica Genge

  • Trinidad & Tobago Jenny & Norman Banfield

If you wish to participate, contact Bruce Marshall at PO Box 3212, HBMC, Napier, NZ, or via e-mail: for further details.

For those interested in George VI sources of material and information we can recommend this GV1 web site links page

The 1906 Christchurch International Exhibition

Chchexbuild.jpg (39872 bytes)

In our first newsletter there was no mention about the outline of the building used on the page! This was the main exhibition building of the 1906/7 Christchurch International Exhibition! As Kiwipex 2006 is being held to mark the centenary of this event it was deemed appropriate to tie both exhibitions together via the footer on our newsletters!

Readers may be interested to learn a little more about the 1906 Christchurch Exhibition. The main exhibition buildings were the length of four city blocks extending from Armagh Street to Salisbury Streets in Christchurch’s Hagley Park (ref 1).

The building was huge with a mile long front - and covered an area of about 14 acres (or, for those not familiar with the Imperial units of measurement - an approx 400 metres long frontage with an area of almost 5.5 hectares)! Today the only remnant of the 1906 exhibition is Lake Victoria, in Hagley Park, which was used for the water chute attraction.

The foundation stone, after several delays was eventually laid by the then Premier of New Zealand, R J Seddon, on 18 December 1905. The total cost of construction of the exhibition building amounted to 87,732.

At the time of the 1906 exhibition New Zealand’s population was around 975,000 of whom some 68,000 lived in Christchurch. The number of persons entering the exhibition grounds was 1,967,682 - or about 30 times the city’s population!

Today, New Zealand’s population is a little over 4 million, of whom approximately 365,000 reside in Christchurch.

A railway branch line was built from Riccarton railway station into Hagley Park and the exhibition grounds for the carriage of building materials and exhibits only. Electric trams were driven over new track especially laid for the exhibition which travelled from Victoria Street, along Peterborough Street, on to Park Terrace, out along Salisbury Street and back to the main line on Victoria Street.

The exhibition was opened on Thursday 1 November 1906 by the then Governor General of New Zealand, Lord Plunket, and the Christchurch International Exhibition closed for the last time on 15 April 1907, having incurred a substantial financial loss.

A post office was opened on the exhibition site on 22 October 1906 for the convenience of the exhibition staff and exhibitors, but the 1906 Christchurch Exhibition stamps were not released until November. The d (green), 1d (claret), 1d (vermilion), and 3d (brown and blue) stamps were issued on the opening day 1 November 1906; whilst the 6d (pink and olive green) stamp was not issued until 16 November 1906.

Some 60,000 sets of four Christchurch Exhibition stamps exist (only 60 are reputed to exist of the 1d claret, which was an error of colour) - these were New Zealand’s first commemorative stamps, as they each bore the inscription COMMEMORATIVE SERIES OF 1906.

Reference used:  1 The Great Exhibition Christchurch 1.11.1906 to 15.4.1907, by A de Kort, 1985.

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