Kiwipex 2006 NEWSLETTER  7.


Recent events

In May the annual general meeting of Canpex Inc (the organisers of Kiwipex 2006) was held. The following were elected to continue organising Kiwipex 2006:

David Smitham - Chairman & Newsletter editor

Karen Jeffrey - Secretary

Graham Muir - Treasurer & Vice Chairman

Jeff Long - Chairman of the Jury.

Paul Wales - NZSDA co-ordinator

Terry McQuinn - NZ Post co-ordinator

John Wilson - NZPF co-ordinator & committee

Paul Clark - Hall Manager

Don Mee - Auditor

Laurence Eagle - Committee

Sue McIntosh - committee

Fred Saunders - souvenir order despatcher

Thanks to a change of job location Sue relinquished the position of NZPF co-ordinator. Her NZPF approved replacement is Timaru’s John Wilson, so welcome aboard for the ride, John!

Also congratulations must go to our secretary Karen who gave birth on 22 September to a bouncing baby boy – Cameron Ian Kevin Jeffrey – who tipped the scales at just on 7 imperial pounds. We wish them well.

The closure of Christchurch stamp dealers Stirling & Co Ltd in March affected Kiwipex 2006. Suffice it to say that the April 2005 newsletter and Kiwipex 2006 prospectus were the last jobs produced by the firm. One unfortunate aspect of the closure meant that Kiwipex 2006 had to quickly find another source for processing our credit card mail orders. Thanks to Classic Stamps Ltd we are able to accept credit cards once again for mail orders.

As a result of the abovementioned closure, your chairman found work – somewhat rather remotely related to philately, viz. as a letter preparation officer, in Christchurch. Coincidentally with the purchase of the stock of Stirling & Co Ltd by a North Island dealer your editor was also offered employment there.

Kiwipex news

Once again Kiwipex 2006 is the next scheduled New Zealand national stamp exhibition! How is that?

Kiwipex 2006 was approved by the NZPF just after Northpex 2002 had been held. At that time there was no other approved NZ national stamp exhibition scheduled.

Subsequently Welpex 2003, Baypex 2004 and New Zealand 2005 were approved and staged.

Our April newsletter was very successful in raising in excess of $12,000 towards the cost of hiring the venue. Unfortunately, this sum is not a net figure!

In April your committee took the plunge and decided to hire the whole of the Christchurch Convention Centre!

It means that we will now have 1800 square metres available for the display of competitive exhibits, activities, trade stands and Christchurch Exhibition Memorabilia.

Plans are also well underway to have selected items from the Sir Heaton Rhodes collection on display in the Court of Honour.


Kiwipex 2006 will be housed throughout the three halls of the Christchurch Convention Centre.

In addition there will be several smaller rooms used for the bin room/judges/committee and for society meetings.

It is envisaged that societies may wish to hold meetings during Kiwipex 2006 – most likely on the Saturday and Sunday.

If your society/organisation would like to host a meeting during Kiwipex 2006: please contact the Kiwipex 2006 secretary and advise the approximate duration and expected numbers of attendees and preferred day/time.

For example if the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria wishes to hold a meeting to give a talk and display to their New Zealand members and visitors then we will providing that we can accommodate the RPSV! Details of meetings will be advised in due course.

Entries are now sought

: Our prospectus can be seen and an application form can be downloaded from our web site.

Alternatively copies can be mailed upon request – see above for details. Applications must be made via the relevant commissioner (e.g. Australian entries must be submitted through our Australian commissioner) or directly to Kiwipex 2006 for intending exhibitors from those countries where no commissioner is listed.

Please note that whilst cinderellas and revenues in our prospectus are listed in the same class, each has its own regulations.

Our judges will be using the appropriate judging forms when assessing cinderella or revenue entries.

Also, in order to encourage youth exhibitors we include youth development classes. See our prospectus for full details.

As mentioned above, our very successful April newsletter resulted in the selling out of our penguin/logo New Zealand Post customised stamps.

Unfortunately some clients were unable to be supplied their orders in full. Where possible we offered mint strips of these stamps at pro rata prices.

These were the result of the format of the sheets comprising 5 rows of ten stamps and were the leftovers after blocks of four had been removed. Even so the residual strips were soon sold.

In spite of their popularity, Kiwipex 2006 decided against reprinting these attractive stamps. However, there are still available a few FDCs and maximum cards of our customised penguin/logo stamps (see illustrations on page 4). This may be your last opportunity to acquire examples of these stamps so don’t delay – buy today!

WANTED - suitable philatelic material: There is still time to make donations for our Kiwipex auction as well as for our mystery envelopes. 

Donated material can be sent to our postal address given on our letterhead. Thank you.

Special prizes: Kiwipex 2006 is pleased to advise that it has graciously accepted the offer of at least two special prizes from one donor. It is also aware that other special prizes will be needed. Special prizes are awarded by the jury and are in addition to any medal awarded.

If you or your organisation is willing to donate any special prize(s) to Kiwipex 2006, please contact our secretary at the above address. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Stamp dealers at Kiwipex 2006:

presently 28 dealer stands are planned with indications that there will be 8 dealers attending from Australia, in addition to 4 from England, and 1 from America.

Local NZSDA members will occupy the remaining stands.

Of course New Zealand Post will also be present as will Southern Colour Print, and there will be a special children’s court with activities … so be there!

New Kiwipex 2006 souvenirs

Earlier this year New Zealand Post issued a series, in three parts, of stamps marking the Sesquicentenary of New Zealand’s stamps. One of them depicted the famous 1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1d claret – error of colour. This stamp was also issued in a smaller size in self-adhesive booklets of 10. As Kiwipex 2006 marks the centenary of the 1906/1907 Christchurch Exhibition it was thought appropriate to utilise this booklet for a new souvenir.

New souvenir # 1: Kiwipex 2006 arranged for 500 booklets to be overprinted with KIWIPEX and our stylised logo + venue in a silver blue colour by Christchurch printers New Century Press. KIWIPEX was applied on the white panel beneath the 1d claret stamp depicted on the booklet’s cover. The plain red panel when opened out reveals our stylised logo etc.

Ideally two booklets are needed to show the stamps and the overprinting rubric! We offer mint, used and first day covers of this souvenir. Only 50 overprinted Kiwipex 2006 stamp booklet first day covers were prepared using attractive NZ Post Sesquicentenary envelopes. They were cancelled on 1 July 2005. A Kiwipex 2006 overprinted stamp booklet FDC is illustrated elsewhere in this newsletter.

New souvenir # 2: Our new 45 cent Kiwipex 2006 personalised greeting stamps feature Kiwipex’s logo on

Our new 45 cent Kiwipex 2006 personalised greeting stamps feature Kiwipex’s logo on the tab adjacent to the stamp. There are 20 such stamps with tabs per personalised sheet. We offer mint and used sheets of these as well as FDCs with either a single personalised Kiwipex 2006 kiwi greeting stamp or as a complete sheet.

For details and prices of the above souvenirs please see the order form. Credit card payments are welcomed for Kiwipex 2006 souvenirs and will result in a Classic Stamps Ltd. charge appearing on your statement.

Please be patient! At least three members of the Kiwipex 2006 organising committee are involved with processing mail orders etc. and these can not always be actioned immediately! Please also bear in mind that the Christmas season may cause a slightly longer delay in the despatching of your orders. Please allow at least 28 days for the delivery of orders at this time. Thank you.

Only 12 months to go!

When you receive this newsletter perhaps November 2006 seems to be too far away to think about, after all there is the Christmas 2005 season to safely navigate through first! However Kiwipex 2006 will open on Thursday 2 November and will close on Sunday 5 November next year. It is suggested that visitors thinking about visiting Kiwipex 2006 should make plans to do so sooner rather than later, because accommodation in Christchurch in early November can be very tight.

The first two weeks of November usually sees an influx of visitors to Christchurch for our Spring racing carnival of horse racing/trotting meetings, as well as for our annual A & P show. Next year also sees the centenary of the founding of the Christchurch Polytechnic in 1905, so it is likely that there will be an influx of visitors for this celebration too. Their centenary celebrations neatly coincide with Kiwipex 2006.

Already we have had booked for over 9 months a suitable venue for our awards dinner – The Limes Room in the Christchurch Town Hall. This is because of the likelihood of the Polytech wanting a suitably large venue for their centenary dinner on our awards night!

Kiwipex 2006 will be staged in the Christchurch Convention Centre in Kilmore Street opposite the Christchurch Town Hall - to which it is connected via an airbridge - and the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Kiwipex 2006 venue is only a few minutes walk from the city’s picturesque Victoria Square, itself only a couple of hundred metres North of Cathedral Square - the city’s centre. There is a frequent free bus service The Shuttle that links Cathedral Square, to Victoria Square and the Kiwipex 2006 venue.

Without wishing to favour one establishment over another, the following hotels are located within 5 minutes walk of Cathedral Square, and their contact web sites are:

Camelot Hotel - Cathedral Square

Copthorne Central - Victoria Square

Copthorne Hotel - Durham Street

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Durham Street

Heritage Hotel - Cathedral Square

Holiday Inn - Cashel Street

Hotel Grand Chancellor - Cashel St.

Millennium Hotel - Cathedral Square

Rydges Hotel - Worcester Boulevarde

There are other establishments a little further afield such as the Latimer Motor Lodge

( in Latimer Square, the Cotswold Hotel on Papanui Road ( and the Kingsgate AutoLodge ( also on Papanui Road. Hotel/motel chains also have accommodations available to suit most visitors’ needs.

Interested readers should contact Best Western ( and Flag Inns (

Christchurch is well served by a very good, cheap and frequent public transport system, so no matter where you find accommodation you should have no problem when travelling to/from Kiwipex 2006 and your accommodation.

Christchurch now has 3 different public bus routes that service the airport, and of course there are taxis and shuttle buses available for hire too.

Christchurch is a compact city, which has a central grid system of roads, and is mostly on the level.

It is easily navigated via Shanks’ Pony or via bus, as there is no need to hire a car to travel around to or from most of the city’s attractions.

In our next newsletter we hope to advise details of our social functions – so as the old saying goes … watch this space!

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